Media information

Dilutus is the quarterly issued student newspaper of pharmacy student association Fortis.

For the 40th anniversary of the newspaper in 2016, a years subscription is discounted at 15 € for a limited time!

The media kit and more information can be downloaded here (in Finnish).

Advertising in Dilutus

Discounted price for multiple advertisements can be negotiated during the initial advertising campaign.

The prices do not include value-added tax, and no VAT is added to them.

 Size (width x height)    once two times  four times
inner front cover / inner back cover  CMYK 380 € 700 € 1200 €
back cover CMYK 400 € 710 € 1225 €
1/1-page (210 x 297 mm)  black&white 280 € 490 € 865 €
1/2-page (210 x 148 mm)  black&white 180 €   300 € 540 €
1/4-page (105 x 148 mm)
or (105 x 75 mm)
black&white  95 € 155 € 285 €

Material delivery deadlines 2016

7.2., 10.4., 18.9. and 24.11.

Editorial staff

Editor-in-chief & advertisement coordinator
Annika Pohjonen annpoh [AT] student [DOT] uef [DOT] fi

Vice editor-in-chief
Samuli Nieminen samun [AT] student [DOT] uef [DOT] fi 

Graphic design & layout design
Okko Alitalo okkoa [AT] student [DOT] uef [DOT] fi

Layout design
Andrei Ihanus andrei [AT] student [DOT] uef [DOT] fi

Siiri Lehtinen siirile [AT] student [DOT]

Marko Lamminsalo mlammins [AT] student [DOT]
Kaisa Kyttä kaisaky [AT] student [DOT] uef [DOT] fi 
Mikko Paajanen mikkopaa [AT] student [DOT] uef [DOT] fi

Dilutus staff mailing lists are dilutus-list [AT] lists [DOT] uef [DOT] fi or dilutus [AT] fortis [DOT] fi