Fortis is the student association of the pharmaceutical students of the University of Eastern Finland. The association was founded on the 1st of November, 1973, with the object of uniting all those studying pharmacy in Kuopio by means of both supporting their studies as well as livening up their social life. The word Fortis stands for "tough, potent, strong, stately, heroic and fearless" (Kivimäki: Summa Summarum, 1998). In this case, however, the name of the association was derived from the Latin Spiritus Fortis, signifying spirits.

The most important activities Fortis engages in are the publishing of pharmaceutical textbooks and the organising of parties throughout the academic year. In addition to this, Fortis provides a number of other social events with financial support. Everyone is welcome to join the crowd at these cheerful gatherings.

Fortis also plays an important part in advancing the standard of education and developing the branch of pharmaceutical sciences in general. Collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy is functional and productive. Fortis also works closely with other on-campus and national associates.

Fortis also actively communicates with its domestic contemporaries in Turku and Helsinki as well as with those established in the other Nordic countries and the Baltic nations.

Fortis also publishes Dilutus, a magazine, which serves the members of the student association. The magazine consists of articles on the parties and social events held and on pharmacy related matters in general. Unfortenately most of the content is usually in Finnish, but you can contribute in the making on Dilutus also in English.

The office is situated on campus in room number 1112/1-3, which is to be found on the ground floor of the Canthia building. The door of the office is open from Monday to Friday, so please feel free to pay a visit any time. The best times to attend to any business you may have with us, however, are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. till noon. At these times either a member of the board or some other chargé d'affaires is on duty.

You can find our boards contact information here, check especially the International Coordinator (KV-vastaava) who will gladly answer any questions.

Fortis posts all its activities on the ESN KISA (Kuopio International Student's Accosiation) mailing list.

You are warmly welcomed to take part in our activities!